Do’s & Don’ts for a Respectful Vaping Experience

If you’re new to vaping, you may be unfamiliar with the culture’s etiquette. Unfortunately, unlike cigarettes, there are no clear rules here. And since vaping can get a bad rap, it’s up to us to ensure we’re enjoying our favorite smoke in a way that’s respectful to everyone – for those in and out of the community. In this blog, we’ll explore the essential do’s and don’ts. Hang tight.

#1 Public Spaces

It’s common courtesy not to smoke in small spaces like elevators and public bathrooms, and never around hospitals or healthcare facilities. If you do vape in public, reduce your device’s wattage or use a discreet product that results in less smoke. Don’t smoke in queues or near others, and never blow smoke in someone’s direction.

#2 In Company

If you’re in someone else’s home, ask if you use your vape device inside. Just because the smell doesn’t linger like cigarettes doesn’t mean your host will be okay with it. Check if there’s a designated smoking space, and always respect people’s boundaries. Even if it’s considered healthier than smoking, some people don’t like it in their space. Of course, don’t cloud chase unless you’ve been asked to, and avoid chain vaping (until you get home, that is).

#3 At Work

Often, the perks of remote work are that we’re able to graft and smoke in our own space. Still, during meetings, you might want to hide that baby away. It’s unfortunate, but due to stigma, it could make you seem unprofessional.

Follow the general rule that if you don’t smoke a cigarette in a situation, you shouldn’t vape either. If you’re in an office, don’t try and be ‘discreet’ and use it in the bathroom either. Save yourself the trouble and use your workspace’s designated smoking area like everyone else. Hey, it’s probably way more pleasant out there, too.

#3 Around Food

Food and vapes don’t go together. In fact, most restaurants don’t allow vaping inside. As delicious as it smells to us, the smell could potentially turn others off their meal, and some people don’t like smoke around meal preparation areas. Again, look for signs, ask for permission, and use the designated smoking area. And it goes without saying: Don’t smoke during meals. We know it’s hard, but the puff can wait.

#4 In Relationships

Surveys have shown that vapers are viewed more positively than cigarette smokers by suitors. If your partner is a non-vaper, discuss what they’re comfortable with and whether they have any reservations or boundaries. Again, general vaping etiquette applies. This includes not smoking in enclosed spaces, during meals, or inside if you’ve been asked not to.

A Final Word

Although the trend has skyrocketed in popularity, vaping gets a bad rap. It’s up to us to cut through the smoke and keep our image clean. By following these simple tips, we can be a positive influence on both vapers and non-vapers alike.

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